Joe Lidowski

Joe manages and directs a group of awesome individuals that sell, deliver and service all of the grocery and club stores in the Harris Beverages territory. His main job is to help develop members of our team and fully support them in achieving their goals as well as Harris Beverages goals. When he’s not facilitating that, Joe is completely crushing our employee survey for this website with some great humor. For the question, “I find ___________ is best when enjoyed responsibly,” he answered, “being irresponsible.” For, “Describe what you do with your day when you play hookie from work:” he said, “I wouldn’t know. I usually play hookie AT work.” And for, “What is something that you’ve done, but blamed it on the dog?” he said, “Not hitting my sales budget for the month.” Good ones, Joe!

Beer style most likely found in his fridge:

12C: English IPA or 21A: American IPA