Enter the Woodlands

Want to try a beer beloved by wine lovers? Keep an eye out for SweetWater Brewing’s new release, Cambium, a foeder aged sour.  Wine Enthusiast says it’s a “tingly tango of stone fruit and funk.”  Sound crazy for a beer?  Well, this isn’t your standard fare for SweetWater, this is a specialty from their Woodlands.

About a year ago, SweetWater unveiled the newest addition to their brewery: The Woodlands, a specially designed wing for aging beers in wooden vessels.  For a brewery like SweetWater who has built a reputation on having hoppy, snappy beers that are the freshest around, this was a bold move.  The wild beers and big stouts produced at the Woodlands take time.  Sometimes a lot of it.  But when given the right care and conditions, and plenty of patience, the beers that come out are phenomenal.  From mouthwatering bouquets of funky acidity to creamy blends of coffee and vanilla, SweetWater is producing some truly remarkable beers.

Check out the Wine Enthusiast article on Cambium here.  And for more insight on the process of making Cambium, check out what Beer Street Journal has to say here.

And keep an eye out for plenty more where that came from.