Harris Beverages Craft Director Gets Major Award

At Harris Beverages, we are already extremely proud of our Craft Director, Andy Morrison. Whats not to love about the guy? Smart as a whip, full of charm and lets not overlook his sensible Pacific NW attire.

In all seriousness, we are delighted and extremely proud to announce his passing of the Advanced Cicerone Certification. The Advanced Cicerone is the third level Cicerone course that “requires a solid understanding and distinctive expertise of beer as well as an excellent ability to detect and describe beer flavors using both consumer and brewer vocabulary.”

Boy, does Andy have the best beer words.

He has intensively and consistently been studying and discussing beer ad nauseam with his colleagues on such topics as the off flavor variations of 4-vinylguaiacol versus 4-ethylphenol and the historical relevance of such beer styles as Polish Piwo Grodziskie and German Roggenbier. His persistence, attention to detail and hard work have paid off. For that we offer him our most sincere Congratulations!

There are only seventy eight Advanced Cicerones worldwide so we feel pretty special about his achievement and privileged to have him on the team. Being a former middle school teacher Andy has a knack for education. He is more than delighted to meet with your Beverage Directors, Beer Buyers, Servers and Staff to teach and inspire them about beer service, styles, history and brewing processes. Let us know how we can put him to work…seriously, let us know,  these tests are expensive!

At Harris Beverages, Andy is joined by two other Certified Cicerones and over a dozen Certified Beer Servers on the sales team. Click here to learn more about the Cicerone Certification Program